Friday, 31 October 2014

How to download your business in your customer’s pocket?

Open the doors for customers and allow them to see what you are serving in your restaurant business by developing custom iPhone and Android apps. It is the best promotional strategy way to attract more customers within a short time.

24/7 access to customer is easy by means of custom restaurant apps.

There are various means of custom mobile apps for restaurant from, which you can easily catch hold your visitor attention and make them your regular customers. Here are few of those custom mobile application ways:

Reservations on app

Easy reservation, receive confirmation, time, restaurant service availability on a specific date and customers capacity information, all can be provided to customers through app. This allows customers to make reservations in an easy way and at any point of time.

Visiting the landing page of your restaurant app, also allow customers to even call you for booking or inquiry.

Digitalized menus

Easy search on app for cuisines and dishes served in your restaurant or attractive themes separating section for non-vegetarian vegetarian and other cuisines will impress customers.

Yet simple, but it is an attractive way to allure attention of people.

Google maps-based apps

Integrating Google map in restaurant app do wonders. Customers can easily find out the right location of restaurant within a short time.

Promotional apps

Better interaction with customers can be done 24/7. This will also allow you to promote your new added dishes, promotional offers, discount, and special offerings.

By such means, you can also encourage customers to refer other people about your business. Subsequently, it will help generate loyalty points.

Updates on app

By means of video testimonials, information any updates of party space, events, celebrity visits, food, hospitality, occasional decorations, and food related to your business can be shared. It will allow guests and customers to know what is going in your business.

Easy payment ways

Payments can be simplified by such means. Customers with this module can get to know their bill and make secure payment card.

From the above point, you must have got an idea what benefits are there of getting an app developed for your business.

If you are running a restaurant business, get mobile application designed and allow your customers to come in contact with you by few clicks on the button.

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