Thursday, 12 March 2015

Marketing your restaurant’s mobile app? 4 mistakes to avoid!

Mobile applications have emerged as a whole new market for restaurant owners. Custom mobile app for restaurants is very beneficial for owners since it helps them to find new customers, promote their business and improve customer service. This is why many owners are getting customized application.

However, work doesn't end here. Owners require promoting this app to gain the attention of existing, new, and potential clients. Still, there are some common mistakes that owners make while promoting their mobile application. You need to avoid following mistakes –
  • Developing a mobile app without proper marketing plan – It is the most common yet big mistake in restaurant application marketing. It is important to make a proper promotion plan before handed. You should know before handed where, how and when you are going to promote it. It helps you to make necessary strategies and mange budget.
  • Promoting only in early days – It is another mistake that people repeat in their restaurant mobile application marketing. Advertising it is a constant procedure that requires regular updates. Endorsing it only in its early days is not enough for your business. You need to constantly update your promotion plan with offers, discounts, feature and other techniques. Keep the attention of customers on your app. It keeps your clients interested effectively increasing your business’s customer base.
  • Not understanding your targeted audience – You must understand your target audience before endorsing restaurant’s mobile application. Not understanding it can be a big mistake. You must comprehend your customers based on their preferences, interests, location etc. It filters down your target audience. It helps you to make better promotion efforts with personalization that earns the interest of clients. It also reduces costs since you do not have to waste money and efforts on the non-targeted audience.
  • Giving up sooner than necessary – Many restaurant owners give up the marketing campaign very soon when they don’t get desired results from it. There are tens of thousands apps on internet, which means that you have serious competition. It is hard for many apps to get and retain customers. Still, it is not a reason enough to give up. You must keep working on promotion until you get desired results. Even after gaining good downloads and outcomes, you should keep going to maintain these results.
Avoid above mentioned mistakes in your restaurant’s mobile application marketing campaign. In result, you get a large customer base, increased online presence, good lead generation, lots of sales and high revenue.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mobile app dashboard – The latest method to manage your restaurant

Like every other industry, restaurant industry is also embracing technology with open hands. Apps for restaurant owners are the latest trend in this field. Now owners are moving to the next level of technology, which is mobile application dashboard.

These dashboards are developed according to the needs of this business. It includes all the necessary features for owners. Usually, it includes features like –

Comprehensive reports about business – It will provide you complete reports about your restaurant business including orders and payments. You can see which food item is the best selling or which item is not doing well in sales. It is a very beneficial feature for owners since they get full insight of their business. It helps them to concentrate on the minor details that can make big effects on sales and revenue. It will give them ideas about making changes in their marketing techniques or menus to attract more customers. It also helps them to locate mistakes and weaknesses of business.

Easy changes in application - This dashboard makes it easier for owners to make changes in their restaurant app. You can easily change your menu, add new dishes, or add new offers for customers for special occasions. These easy changes keep your customers’ interest.

Push notifications to send offers, deals and promotional messages to clients – You can send message to your clients via push notification in app dashboard. You can send message to customers about specials of diner, offers, deals, discounts etc. It will help you to take your marketing to the next level. You can also send alerts to clients about the latest updates in menu or daily specials.

This dashboard will help you to –

  • Improve your marketing technique – You can make improvements in your marketing campaign by learning from the comprehensive business reports. You can make changes according to what customers like or do not like about your restaurant. You can identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
  • Control all web and app requirements – Dashboard will also help you to control your web and app related requirements. You can manage your diner’s application with ease.
  • Increase sales and revenue – It will help you to increase sales and revenue. You can attract more customers with better marketing and maintain this customer base with constant updates in restaurant’s mobile application.

You can get a customized mobile app and dashboard for your restaurant to get all above-mentioned features and to enjoy their benefits.