Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How restaurant app can boost your online presence?

Custom mobile applications are the latest trends in restaurant industry. It is an easy way to reach all (existing, new and potential) customers in market. One can also provide features like online order, online payment, and reservations through application. In addition, one can use these apps for marketing via push notifications.

It is a great way to increase your restaurant’s sales and revenue. This is why more and more owners are getting a custom mobile app for their restaurants. But, did you know that these apps can also boost your business’s online presence. How?

A restaurant mobile application can easily increase your business’s online presence through social features. Give clients an option to share their experience at your diner through social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Many customers like to share their experience with others if they like a dish at your venue. Give them this opportunity by adding social media features in your app.

Many customers also like or follow the pages and profiles of their favorite restaurants. But, it is a hassle to search for business’s Facebook or Google+ page on search engines. Therefore, it is also difficult for customers to know if it is an authentic page or not.

A mobile application solves this issue for clients and restaurant owners. It makes easier for clients to like, share or follow their favorite diner. Through app, clients can easily go right on diner’s authentic social media profile, whether on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. Whenever, they like an offer or discount, they can easily share it on their Twitter or other profiles. Customers like to stay updated about the new updates, dishes, offers, deals or discounts offered by diner.

More likes, shares, and followers earn you increased social signals on internet. Google also encourages websites with more signals from platforms like Facebook, Google+ etc. It helps in increasing your website’s search engine result pages (SERP) rankings. In result, your online presence is increased.

But, why not get a mobile site instead of application?

A custom app leaves greater impression on customers compare to website. There are chances that client might forget your website URL. However, an app is installed in their phones, which they can easily access. Regular updates, notifications, and icon on screen keep clients aware about your business.

This is why many owners get social features included in their applications. Not only this feature promotes your business on social media platforms but also increases your online presence. If you still do not have a mobile application for your restaurant, this is the time you get one.

Friday, 3 April 2015

What is the relation between your restaurant mobile app and sales?

A custom mobile app has become the necessity for every business today. Restaurants are also affected with this trend. Many IT companies develop custom mobile app for restaurants. Usually, owners get these applications for benefits like easy online payments, push notifications to clients, online ordering, increased sales, and numerous other features.

But, how a mobile app can increase your restaurant’s sale? What is the connection between a custom application and your revenue? Answer is –
  • Easy online food ordering – A mobile app makes food ordering easy for customers. They just need to open your application on their smart phones and select food items. It removes the hassle of going to website or venue to get food. Easy of ordering dishes encourages customers to order and purchase more.
  • Online payments – You can get various online payment methods added in your restaurant application. It includes secured payment through credit cards or cash on delivery (COD). It makes paying for food easy for customers. Secured payments reassure your clients about the safety of their financial details as well as encourage them to purchase more.
  • Brand awareness with push notifications – This tool also provides you an opportunity to send push notifications to your customers on their smart phones. You can notify clients about new deals, offers and discounts. You can easily notify consumers about changes in menu, new dishes or seasonal offers. It increases your brand awareness effectively increasing sales and revenue in result.
  • Special rewards and discounts – You can earn the loyalty of customers by offering them special rewards for constant food ordering. You can also provide special discounts to your restaurant’s loyal customers through mobile app. It encourages them to purchase more as well as promote your business in their social circle.
  • Offer choices – Through an applications, you can provide numerous choices to clients. You can provide varieties in your menu from which clients can select. You can also provide them choices in payments such as payment through credit cards or cash on delivery.
  • Room for improvement – With application, you can collect data of clients’ preferences, previous orders and payment histories. It helps in creating inclusive reports about restaurant’s performance. It helps you in understanding client’s approach and preferences. According to that, you can change your offers, deals, and discounts. You can also identify the areas for improvement such as marketing, customer services etc. Make improvements according to customers’ preferences and industry trends.

Overall, a custom mobile app can lead your business towards increased sales and revenue.