Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Can your restaurant business do without a mobile app?

Usage of mobile phones is no longer restricted to sending of messages and making calls because of the increased use of smart phones, iPhones, and tablets nowadays.

Other than marketing strategies, smart phones are used as an effective part of marketing tools by developing custom mobile apps for restaurant or any kind of business.

Businesses no matter small, medium scale or large can easily benefit by making use of mobile apps.

If you own a restaurant business and need to take it to the next level, then invest money in getting an app developed. Let’s read various types of advantages one can avail from mobile apps:

  • Increase in number of customers: With the increase use of apps, there is increase in customer base than before, which likely brings more traffic to the site.
  • Drive more business on weekdays: Earlier, weekends use to be the only sales days for many businesses. But with the use of apps, businesses has been able to drive more sales on weekdays as well. Despite of the residing location of a person, they can easily place their order via it.
  • Send notifications: Any discounts or notifications can easily be sent to customers, which was earlier not possible till the time customers haven’t called.
  • Sharing of food recipes: In order to allure customers towards a restaurant, innovative strategies are made by the owners like sharing of food recipes with customers. Doing so brings business into good books of customers.
  • Brand awareness: Increased customers helps improve brand awareness, which is turn, does good for the business reputation.
  • Showcase food menu: People no longer need to visit a restaurant for placing orders. Sitting right back at home or office, they can view the food menu on the app and place the order right away there and then.
  • Increase door orders: With this medium, maximum orders are placed, which likely increases door orders than before.
  • Receive feedbacks: Now customers can easily send their feedbacks on the received order. This helps owners to improve their quality, if needed.
  • Receive payments: The payments of the placed orders can easily be done via it, which causes no hassle to the customers.
  • Keep track of orders: The restaurants can keep track of order being placed. Moreover, they can also give alert messages to customers of their orders being dispatched.
  • Storing of contact information of customers: Contact information about customers is safely stored into the database.

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