Friday, 31 October 2014

How to download your business in your customer’s pocket?

Open the doors for customers and allow them to see what you are serving in your restaurant business by developing custom iPhone and Android apps. It is the best promotional strategy way to attract more customers within a short time.

24/7 access to customer is easy by means of custom restaurant apps.

There are various means of custom mobile apps for restaurant from, which you can easily catch hold your visitor attention and make them your regular customers. Here are few of those custom mobile application ways:

Reservations on app

Easy reservation, receive confirmation, time, restaurant service availability on a specific date and customers capacity information, all can be provided to customers through app. This allows customers to make reservations in an easy way and at any point of time.

Visiting the landing page of your restaurant app, also allow customers to even call you for booking or inquiry.

Digitalized menus

Easy search on app for cuisines and dishes served in your restaurant or attractive themes separating section for non-vegetarian vegetarian and other cuisines will impress customers.

Yet simple, but it is an attractive way to allure attention of people.

Google maps-based apps

Integrating Google map in restaurant app do wonders. Customers can easily find out the right location of restaurant within a short time.

Promotional apps

Better interaction with customers can be done 24/7. This will also allow you to promote your new added dishes, promotional offers, discount, and special offerings.

By such means, you can also encourage customers to refer other people about your business. Subsequently, it will help generate loyalty points.

Updates on app

By means of video testimonials, information any updates of party space, events, celebrity visits, food, hospitality, occasional decorations, and food related to your business can be shared. It will allow guests and customers to know what is going in your business.

Easy payment ways

Payments can be simplified by such means. Customers with this module can get to know their bill and make secure payment card.

From the above point, you must have got an idea what benefits are there of getting an app developed for your business.

If you are running a restaurant business, get mobile application designed and allow your customers to come in contact with you by few clicks on the button.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Want Your Restaurant Business on Mobile

In this cutthroat market competition, it can be extremely difficult to ensure the frequent growth of a business, especially if you are into the food business. However, contribution of technology deserves big thanks from all restaurant owners and their customers in the market. Yes, we are talking about the smart phones and their various applications. Today majority of the restaurant owners have switched their business to mobile, simply because of the comfort it offers to both.

Get custom mobile apps for restaurants and you can offer following benefits to your customers:

1. No Miscommunication: Whether your customers want to order food or to ask anything else, when they call your store, it can be a bit of drag. They might experience issues such bad reception, line problem or human error. A little mistake and everything gets messed up, isn’t it? However, with a mobile app your can rule out all these troubles and get everything organized.

2. Up-to-date Menu: There is nothing better than an updated menu because it gives your customers an opportunity to explore the wide range of variety that you have to offer them. As the restaurant owner, it also gives you an opportunity to promote all your new cuisines that you have just added in your menu. You can also keep disappointments away from them by updating your menu, the moment you run out of any items.

3. Save Time: There is nothing more valuable than time of your customers, right? With a customized restaurant mobile application, you give them privilege to complete numbers of activities on their finger tips. These apps also save their previous orders in their account, which makes them order their favorite foods even faster.

4. Push Notifications: Another valuable reason that why your customers want you to have a restaurant app is the push notifications. No one has time to read marketing e-mails or pamphlets to check the special offers. Hence, a restaurant app for your business gives them an opportunity to receive all these special offers on their mobile.

5. Reservations & Payment: Everyone going out wants to confirm their reservations because unavailability of the seats/tables can be extremely difficult. Your restaurant app gives them an opportunity to confirm their reservations in a flash. It also provides them the privilege to process payments with ease.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

How A Custom Mobile App Can Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales?

Are you a restaurant owner? Yes, then you must know that gone are the days when customer used to read a printed handy menu before placing their order. It happened because of the mobile ecommerce industry expansion and majority of the customer use their Smart phone to order their foods or confirm reservations.  Hence, if you are still waiting to get an app for your restaurant, it is a wakeup call for you.

Custom mobile apps for restaurant are the need of the hour and following are the reasons why you should to delay it any further.

Shape Your Presence: When people decide to go out, majority of them use social media or mobile applications to determine their next place to go out. Many restaurants owner have ignored or underestimated this key opportunity to connect with every potential customer in the market. If you do not want to be one of them, give it a serious thought.

Customers Convenience
: We all have a busy and hectic schedule, thus there may be time when they want to go out, but not able to. In such situations, all they want is a restaurant app that makes carryout and delivery orders in a flash. Happy customers should be the aim of every business and their success will be ensured.

Updated Menu: If you have an application for your business, you will have the privilege to update your menu at any time. If you have added something new to your menu, your updated menu helps you in its promotion. Moreover, if any of the items get out of stock, you can immediately update it on dashboard of your application, so that visitors should not feel disappointed.

Make them Loyal
: You can use this platform to build a loyalty program, which means that you can offer your customers discounts, contents, and freebies. It is an ideal way for user engagement and achieves more sales to ensure growth of your business.

Reservations and track-orders
: Majority of the people confirm their reservations before they go out, especially on the weekends when it has overcrowded everywhere. Hence, your business app provides them a convenient way to confirm their reservations. On the other hand, it also gives you the privilege to keep track of your orders, which makes management easier for everyone.

A custom mobile app means that you can get it designed the way you want based upon every requirement that your business may have. Is there still any point to wait? Order it now!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Can your restaurant business do without a mobile app?

Usage of mobile phones is no longer restricted to sending of messages and making calls because of the increased use of smart phones, iPhones, and tablets nowadays.

Other than marketing strategies, smart phones are used as an effective part of marketing tools by developing custom mobile apps for restaurant or any kind of business.

Businesses no matter small, medium scale or large can easily benefit by making use of mobile apps.

If you own a restaurant business and need to take it to the next level, then invest money in getting an app developed. Let’s read various types of advantages one can avail from mobile apps:

  • Increase in number of customers: With the increase use of apps, there is increase in customer base than before, which likely brings more traffic to the site.
  • Drive more business on weekdays: Earlier, weekends use to be the only sales days for many businesses. But with the use of apps, businesses has been able to drive more sales on weekdays as well. Despite of the residing location of a person, they can easily place their order via it.
  • Send notifications: Any discounts or notifications can easily be sent to customers, which was earlier not possible till the time customers haven’t called.
  • Sharing of food recipes: In order to allure customers towards a restaurant, innovative strategies are made by the owners like sharing of food recipes with customers. Doing so brings business into good books of customers.
  • Brand awareness: Increased customers helps improve brand awareness, which is turn, does good for the business reputation.
  • Showcase food menu: People no longer need to visit a restaurant for placing orders. Sitting right back at home or office, they can view the food menu on the app and place the order right away there and then.
  • Increase door orders: With this medium, maximum orders are placed, which likely increases door orders than before.
  • Receive feedbacks: Now customers can easily send their feedbacks on the received order. This helps owners to improve their quality, if needed.
  • Receive payments: The payments of the placed orders can easily be done via it, which causes no hassle to the customers.
  • Keep track of orders: The restaurants can keep track of order being placed. Moreover, they can also give alert messages to customers of their orders being dispatched.
  • Storing of contact information of customers: Contact information about customers is safely stored into the database.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How mobile applications can get more business for your restaurant?

It is significant to tap the market of youngsters, who make online payments. A good number of youngsters aged between 18- 45 years order their food online. There is lot of potential in this market and if tapped in a good way, can help business grow largely in the long run.

The digital age belongs to them and to keep up with them, it is essential to track their activities online. It has become mandatory for brands to walk along with the consumers, not behind the consumers. Keep a step ahead and come up with new advances on regular basis, which helps in updating brand’s relevance in the market.

The restaurant owners have a tough task in deciding what to do next? The answer to this question lays in their vision only- apps for restaurant owners, yes, this activity can help in making a difference in the coming times. Some of the restaurant owners already have and others are in pipeline to get this work done as soon as possible. The big brands in the food industry have already taken aggressive tactics in this regard.

The development of mobile applications, is regarded as one of the important task, the following few tips, which can help in this regard are explained as follows –

1. The two types of application – firstly, which create income directly and secondly, which are built on the purpose of branding purposes.

2. The menu display has the entire spotlight and displays images. The description of each category allows comfort to the audience, as this helps in saving crucial time of customers. A restaurant owner can customize the menu display as per needs.

3. Promotion – the creation of testimonials, chef’s feedback, type of food being served takes place in this part.

4. Multimedia – The images and videos of any recent deals on food or any other program on a special day can be discussed. The creation of multimedia allows restaurants to come into existence.

5. Mobi – The introduction of customizing web pages according to the mobile (smart phones) has become a mandatory task. Instead of www, there is availability of .mobi, which allows exclusive web pages for mobile phone users. Many brands across the globe have made an effort to introduce this concept as well. Apart from mobile applications, a web page .mobi should also be part of the campaign.